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VERSION 0.5.8 oficial release on 2006.02.20




VERSION 0.4.2 - released on March 11.2005

VERSION 0.3.1.v - released on March 7.2005

VERSION 0.3.1.p - Released Mar.04.2005

VERSION 0.3.1.a - Released Mar.01.2005

  • GP3Decoder has been added
  • The project now works with ECLIPSE (as well as NETBEANS 4.0)
  • all GP4classes now have a ToString method
  • Now the unkown midi events are display as an array of ints
  • Now the midi events are also shown as a Grid of checkBoxes:
    • un/selecting the midi events un/selects the related checkboxes on the grid
    • un/selecting the grid checkboxes un/selectes the midi events
    • the checkbox has a ToolTip that describes the MidiEvent too.
  • Changes to TrackPanel:
    • remove the border
    • remove the clef (is only used when is standard notation)
  • about the windows that are open from any InternalFrame (Piece or Midi)
    • only one of each kind is open
    • when a InternalFrame is closing it also closes asociated windows
  • GP4 statistics, now informs the number of tracks with lyrics
  • Features from previous version

VERSION 0.3.0.a - Released Feb.22.2005

  • Open a GP4 directly from Internet (i.e. MySongBook)
  • Now the Midi Events for a MID file are listed
  • Use the Statistics options to find out how complex is a GP4 file (number of effects on Beats and Notes, number of tracks, number of ChordDiagrams...etc)
  • The Statistics option can also be used for a complete folder, this is usefull to decide what effects are more common and start working on them.
  • Features from previous version

VERSION 0.2.9.a

  • Now when a GP4 window view is changed it resizes to the best size.
  • Fixed internationalization strings
  • Midi windows are now wider
  • The tietle of the program now show the title of the current window
  • The About,Authors now shows the LOGO
  • DGuitar LOG WINDOW was simplified (logo removed)
  • Features from previous version

VERSION 0.2.8.b

  • Choose between MultiTrack view or Each track on a Tab.
  • Proportional Spacin is here !! (choose between two methods)
  • Dotted notes are now shown (the actual dot :)
  • Horizontal Rhythm lines have been added
  • Vertical Rhythm lines are now related to the beat duration
  • The correct number of instrument Strings are now shown.
  • The DGUITARLOG window is closable if the program fails to open
  • Features from previous version

VERSION 0.2.6.a

  • See the ScreenShots (images tell more that words)
  • DGuitar allows to see GP4 files inside your browser TEST
  • play MIDI files (multiple open and independent playback)
  • enable the TextView (to see all the details of a GP4 file)
  • align the bars to the widest bar of a measure (getting ready for proportional spacing)
  • add an option that allows to enable or disable program perfomance (menu Option, Evaluate perfomance) The performance of the program is registered in the LOG window.
  • add a menuOption that displays the AUTHORS
  • add a menuOption that displays the LICENSE
  • DGuitarApplet now shows information about AUTHORS,LICENSE
  • start testing different midi options (instrument selection, note duration)
  • add a Nice logo at the startup
  • Features from previous version


  • it displays most of the FRETS of the files (see screenshot)
  • opens ALMOST every GP4 file (send me a GP4 file that fails to open)
  • it has a separate LOG window to display usefull information/exceptions/errors
  • it displays MidiChannels information. (not nice but working)
  • displays this values of a TablatureBar
    • the NOTES (frets)
    • number of the measure in RED
    • rests
    • time siganture
    • display the number of repetions.

  • Features from previous version


  • it reads and displays all of the information about the header of the file
    • version
    • title
    • subtitle
    • artist
    • album
    • author
    • copyrights
    • tablature author
    • instructions.
    • notice
    • triplet
    • lyrics
  • multiple files can be open/created.
  • it supports ENGLISH and SPANISH and is ready for other languages
  • progress bars are displayed in case the required task takes too long.
  • it allows you to set the folder that contains your GTP files
  • it is Skin Ready (you can create your own buttons)

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